Strong Minds make for Strong Kids 

Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada is committed to promoting the mental well-being of children and youth in Canada. We are dedicated to nurturing resilience in kids with the use of psychological science so they can manage, learn, and grow from the many challenges in life.

Please join us to ensure that every child in Canada has the opportunity to thrive.

We are excited to announce that our Make the Connection program DIRECTLY FOR PARENT/CAREGIVERS is being launched! MTC is a fun and interactive program for parents and caregivers with 0-3-year-olds that has been developed by psychologists. Packed with lots of information and activities to do with your baby,  the program focuses on showing hands-on strategies that can help you create and maintain a secure attachment relationship. 

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child 0-3 years old, sign up, to be placed on a waitlist to try our NEW online program.

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supporting and promoting the mental well-being of children and youth 

1,000,000+ youth

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 What's New

1. Psychology Matters insert in Globe and Mail

2. Make the Connection Online Parent Program 

 3. Open Call Trainings