“The relationships young children experience with adult caregivers, influence lifelong learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health. Starting at birth and continuing throughout life, our ability to thrive is affected by our ongoing relationships and experiences and the degree to which they are healthy, supportive, and responsive or not.”   Center on the Developing Child Harvard University, 2018.

You have the power to positively change a child's life

*NEW* We are launching our first ever podcast series 24/7: The Working Parent which will provide listeners with expert advice from leading psychologists Dr. Robin Alter, Dr. Ester Cole and Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell. There will be four episodes posted monthly starting this June! CLICK HERE to learn more and to submit questions to our psychologists on parenting and work life! 


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24/7: The Working Parent Podcast

MTC - Deaf Facilitator Training

15th Annual Breakfast for Champions