Diversity in Action

NEW! E-Learning Module

"Supporting Newcomer's Mental Health: Sharing our Success Stories"
In the new e-Learning Module, we share our experiences and successes from the implementation and evaluation of Diversity in Action, Scarborough (DIAS) - a newcomer mental health promotion program.We hope that you will benefit from the DIAS project by adapting our activities and lessons learned to fit the needs of your agency and community. 

The interactive e-learning module features the following components:

  • An overview of the DIAS project
  • Newcomer experiences and youth newcomer stories 
  • Enhancing capacity within your agency 
  • Raising awareness and connecting with newcomer communities 
  • Practical scenarios to explore 
Click the 'Launch' button to begin the e-Learning Module. If you are unable to finish the module in one sitting, the module will resume where you left off the next time you open it.

Program Overview

Diversity in Action: Adapting Mental Health Services for Newcomer Families was a pilot project intended to deal with the mental health needs of newcomer groups in Scarborough, home to the largest number of new immigrants to Toronto. The aim of the project was not only to connect newcomers to the agencies that deliver traditional mental health services. It was also to work with representatives of the relevant ethno-cultural groups to develop new approaches that will enhance the ability of service providers to help newcomer children and families.

The partners of this effort include The Psychology Foundation of Canada and a number of agencies that provide support and services to newcomers to Scarborough in a variety of areas, including health and mental health, child and family support and education.

 Our agency partners include:

Aisling Discoveries - Child and Family Centre

Catholic Crosscultural Services

East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) 

Rosalie Hall - A Youth Parent Resource Centre

The Children's Aid Society of Toronto - Scarborough Branch

A downloadable program brochure is now available at our WORKPLACE DOWNLOAD RESOURCES   page.

Thank you to our program sponsors!