First Three Years - Make The Connection

The first three years is the most critical time in a child’s development

We now know that in the first three years, a child’s brain grows at a faster rate than at any other period in life. This
makes it a critical time to support parents and teach them skills that will help them get their child off to a good start. 

Research tells us that a positive emotional bond with at least one caregiver paves the way for how we feel about
ourselves, how we get along with others, how we communicate and even how we learn.  (Jack P. Shonkoff, 2013)

The Psychology Foundation’s ‘Make the Connection’ program spells out what every child needs to become securely
attached. It puts researched information into down to earth messages and activities that parents and caregivers can
use to strengthen their relationship with their child from birth to three. 

“Make the Connection” programs are delivered to parents in groups as well as one-on-one. The sessions incorporate hands-on parent-baby activities, videotaping and discussions to help parents reflect on key components of secure attachment. This secure beginning sets in motion a positive course for a child’s social and emotional well-being, learning in school and contribution to society. 

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  • Manitoba now has its first “Make the Connection” Master Trainer who is qualified to train MTC program facilitators throughout Manitoba. Special thanks to The
    Attachment Network of Manitoba, a multi-organizational network that supports attachment across the life span, for taking the lead in bringing MTC training to their province. 
  • We are extremely appreciative of New Brunswick Public Health for assuming the responsibility to translate the MTC 0-3 program
    into French. We have started the process of training a bilingual Master Trainer who will train all
    of New Brunswick’s home visiting nurses – bringing attachment messages to New
    Brunswick families.
  • Saskatchewan’s Kids First added a second Master Trainer to help them meet the needs of vulnerable families residing in
    the Regina area. This is Kids First second Master Trainer, ensuring a wider dissemination of the “Make the Connection”
  • “Make the Connection” was selected to be part of a province wide initiative aimed at improving child well-being in
    Alberta. The staff of Kids First Family Centre, Fort Macleod, Alberta was trained to deliver MTC 0-1, the parent-infant
    program, and will be part of the province-wide evaluation.

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