Program Overviews     

With the help of a range of educators, psychologists and stress experts from across the country, The Psychology Foundation of Canada has developed the Kids Have Stress Too! ®program. The program includes:

Kids Have Stress Too!® Parent Program: The parent program delivered by trained facilitators (delivery partners) in communities across Canada. These may be your local public health, social service, community agency, NGO, or children's mental health organizations.

Kids Have Stress Too!® Kindergarten and Preschool Program:   Provides a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of early childhood and brain development, as well as the crucial role caregivers and educators play in helping children learn effective stress-management strategies. Designed to meet the needs of early childhood educators and kindergarten teachers, the program contains evidence-based strategies to help young children learn how to become aware of and manage stress.

Kids Have Stress Too!® Tools and Activities for Classrooms Grades 1 to 3:   Provides educators with strategies to help create an emotionally-healthy environment in their classroom by promoting self-regulation and effective stress-management skills and strategies. 

Stress Lessons® for Grades 4 to 6:  
Provides educators with practical, developmentally appropriate, engaging activities for students aged 9 to 12.

Stress Lessons® From Stress Out to Chilled Out, a Program for Grade 7 to 9 Classrooms:  
Provides educators with a student-centred inquiry-based approach to teach stress-management strategies and skills and build emotional resiliency in their students and themselves.


Research shows that with help, even very young children can learn to manage stress effectively.

Developed using evidence-based psychological knowledge and experts in psychology, early childhood development, education and stress, the Kids Have Stress Too! programs are designed to positively influence children's social and emotional development.

The preschool, elementary and high school years are an important window of opportunity to build key skills and abilities that will help children and youth learn to deal with stress throughout their lives. The programs help educators, parents and caregivers teach children and youth behavioural coping skills and thinking skills that can enhance their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

These and more materials can be downloaded or ordered in print form from our RESOURCES  page.