Wellness Webinars 

 Expert Panelist Wellness Webinar Title  Watch it Here   Download PDF
 Hosted by: Dr. Robin Alter and Anne Murray Defining stress and stressors: learning how to support children’s resilience fireside chat     
 Hosted by: Dr. Audrey-Ann Deneault Fathers are parents too, and they matter for children’s development     
 Hosted by: Dr. Chantal Regis, Dr. Michael Saxton, and three members of our Youth Advisory Council Jadah, Joelle, and Daniella  Supporting Teen Resilience: What Adults Need To Know     
 Dr. Mary Motz Supporting Secure Attachment and Positive Parent-Child Relationships     
Dr. Kofi Len-Belfon  "Be Gentle with Yourself!” Building self-compassion with children and adolescents     
 Dr. Robin Alter and Anne Murray  Supporting Our Children During Difficult Times – The Struggle to Juggle    
Dr. Harvey Skinner  Stress Busters: "Magical" Practices for children and youth    

 Dr. Michelle Aihina Inkinsh Holhpokunna Johnson-Jenning

 Indigenous health and wellbeing: Considerations for working with youth 

 Dr. Brent Macdonald A Relaxed Brain is the Most Comfortable Pillow: The Value of Sleep for Children and Adolescents     
 Dr. Anna MacKinnon The Shadow Pandemic: Wellbeing of Pregnant Persons, Parents, and Families during the COVID-19   
 Dr. Adele Lafrance What to Say to Kids When Nothing Seems to Work: A Practical Workshop for Adult Influencers    PDF 
Dr. Robin Alter   How Nature Benefits Kids and Youth PDF
Natasha Parent  Should I be worried about screen time? What we've learned from COVID-19 about teens' technology use and mental health PDF
Dr. Amanda Zelechoski
Dr. Lindsay Malloy
Guilt, grief, and grace, oh my: Parenting during a Pandemic PDF
Scout Gray
Ashleigh Yule, MA Registered Psychologist
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Inclusivity: Building Resilience and Well-being in Youth PDF
Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell  Supporting Young Child Resilience Through Vaccination: Using Science to Manage Needle-Related Pain And Distress PDF

Moderator: Mary-Jo Land

Dr. Nour Zaki, Michael Blugerman, and Michael Trout

Introduction to Prenatal Attachment and Bonding PDF
Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell The Struggle to Juggle: Working Parents Pandemic Survival Guide PDF

Dr. Kofi - Len Belfon

Nigel Enniss

The impact of anti-black racism on children and youth in Canada PDF
Dr. Robin Alter   How to Support Our Kids with Special Needs During the COVID-19 Outbreak PDF
Dr. Diana Brecher Thrive at Home: Coping During COVID PDF
Dr. Robin Alter  Anxiety and the Gift of Imagination PDF
Jan Blaxall  Part 2 Title: Connecting and Protecting through Play, Movement, the Arts and Nature PDF
Jan Blaxall
Part 1 Title: Calming your brain to calm your young children’s brains PDF
 Dr. Martin M. Antony Health Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19    PDF 
Dr. Liane Davey   The Good Fight  PDF
Dr. Nasreen Khatri  Life, Interrupted PDF
Dr. Steven Stein  A Parent's Guide to Staying Sane During COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
 Dr. Harvey Skinner  Part 2: Stress Busting Techniques for Youth & Young Adults  PDF
 Dr. Harvey Skinner   Part 1: Gentle Techniques to Help Calm Your Kids     PDF
 Dr. Nasreen Khatri Being Alone Together The Social Pandemic of Loneliness during COVID-19     PDF
  Mary-Jo Land  Calming the Commotion    PDF
 Dr. Robin Alter  How to Support Our Kids During the COVID-19 Outbreak    PDF
 Dr. Ester Cole  Parenting Resilient Children and Youth at Home and at School    PDF